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Philips Sandwich Maker - Hd2393/02

Philips Sandwich Maker - Hd2393/02

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Key Features


  • 820 W
  • Cut-and-seal plate
  • Easy Lock
  • Vertical storage


What is a sandwich maker?


A sandwich maker is a cooking appliance. It consists of two hinged concave and metal plates that are used to toast and make sandwiches.


For super crisp and super quick sandwiches


This hi-temperature and hi-power sandwich maker gives you perfect and crispy sandwiches every time. The cut and seal plates that are incorporated in its body seal the ingredients inside to give you a burst of taste just when you put it in your mouth. This sandwich maker is also very easy to use with its lock system as well as it is easy to store with its vertical storage option.  


How to use a sandwich maker?


  • Preheat your sandwich maker.
  • Place bread slices on the plate of the sandwich maker.
  • Lower the lid, lock the maker and toast.


How to get it?

Currently available on well.pk, online shopping e-commerce store in Pakistan, with lowest prices and free delivery (terms & conditions apply).

Offering Philips Daily Collection Sandwich Maker Model - HD2393/02 with fast shipping in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and many other cities of Pakistan.