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Dream Brands M Drive - 90 Capsules

Dream Brands M Drive - 90 Capsules

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Dream Brands M Drive - 90 Capsules

Product Label


Ingredients in Mdrive have been shown to support healthy testosterone levels and increase energy at the cellular level. Mdrive is a natural supplement created for men who want to perform at their highest level. Developed with intensive research, Mdrive uses the most effective natural ingredients. When taken daily, it's ingredients can help increase strenght, stamina, sex drive, muscle mass, recovery, respiration and focus. To sum it all up, Mdrive lets men be men. Again. Buy M Drive online in Pakistan

Mdrive contains very specific, powerful extracts from the Fenugreek Seed and Cordyceps Mushroom (see side panel of packaging). When combined in this synergistic blend, the result is a formula that can help strengthen the adrenal glands and provide fuel for the body to build on.

Fenugreek - The seed

Mdrive contains Testofen™ - a Fenugreek Seed Extract which helps increase healthy free testosterone levels by potenially allowing men to naturally regain what they've been losing without the need for costly hormone therapy. The only side effect - an increase in sexual desire. Could be worse. M Drive is available in Pakistan

Cordyceps - The mushroom

In human cardiovascular studies, the cordyceps tested enhanced blood supply to the organs and extremeties, specifically increasing blood supply to the brain, and defending the heart against stress. Further studies showed the cordyceps also helped maintain or support healthy cholesterol activity.

Sustains Energy - No caffeine buzz

The ingredients in Mdrive can help increase both cellular ATP levels and oxygen utilization. ATP is a molecule that releases energy. This is a real increase in actual energy available to the body unlike the percieved energy that occurs from CNS stimulants like caffeine, ephedrine and amphetamines, which ultimately result in energy deficiency. Using Cordyceps, the double effect of increased ATP and better oxygen utilization go hand in hand providing more fuel to burn. M Drive available at Well.pk

Mdrive synergistic blend also features:

Maitake Extract, Maca Extract, American Ginseng, Damiana Extract

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Take with food.

Do not use if saftey seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature (60-86 degrees Fahrenheit)

Does not contain
Hormones or steroids