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Pure It Water Purifier Intella X 1pc

Pure It Water Purifier Intella X 1pc

Ranked # 1


Rs. 4,500
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 5 Stage Purification
  • 5 Liters Water Storage
  • Activated Carbon Trap
  • Available for delivery in Karachi & Lahore


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Now you can get clean and pure drinking water that too at the most economical price. All you have to do is bring this purifier home and you are ready to get pure, clean and fresh water. Forget that daily chore of boiling water as this purifier does it all for you. In fact, this Intella machine purifies water by killing bacteria and germs even better than boiling does. It is also easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance. So, adopt this convenient way of drinking pure and clean water.


Height: 471 mm

Width: 253 mm

Depth: 288 mm

Weight: 2.3 Kgs

Water storage capacity: 12 Liters

Top Chamber Capacity: 5 Liters

Transparent chamber capacity: 5 Liters

Material of construction: Food safe, non-toxic, engineering plastics

Dwell chamber capacity: 2 Liters 

How to get it?

Currently available on well.pk, online shopping e-commerce store in Pakistan, with lowest prices and free delivery (terms & conditions apply).

Offering Pure It Water Purifier Intella X 1pc with fast shipping in Karachi and Lahore.