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Wabees Airy Alexandria Beard Oil

Wabees Airy Alexandria Beard Oil

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Rs. 550
  • Soften beards
  • Keeps hair & skin healthy
  • Reduces irritation


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What purpose this beard oil serves?

Beard oil provides proper nourishment to your beard and skin underneath. Its application enhances growth and keeps flaky and itchy skin at bay. Also, if curls in your facial hair are due to dryness, you can tame your beard by keeping it moisturized through beard oils. Though, it is also important to note that beard oils do not straighten your facial hair.  

How long it lasts & how often to use this beard oil?

Depending on the size of your beard and frequency of use, a bottle of this beard oil will last for:

For full grown beard

1 – 3 months if used daily

4 – 5 months if used 4 times a week

6 months if used thrice a week

For stubble

4 – 5 months if used daily

6 – 7 months if used 4 times a week

8 – 9 months if used thrice a week

Generally, you should apply this beard oil 3 times a week, but it totally depends on the type of beard you have. If you have extremely dry skin, you may need to apply beard oil twice a day. On the other hand, some people have enough natural oil, so they need to use beard oil less frequently.   

How to apply beard oil?

To apply this beard oil, pump 20 drops for fully grown beard and 10 drops for stubble in your palm, rub hands and massage your beard upward. When you apply beard oil make sure you make contact with the skin underneath your beard so that it conditions and moisturizes your skin and put an end to itchy and flaky skin. To finish off your look, groom your beard downward with a beard comb.


This beard oil softens your beard while making it smell pleasant. Regular application of this oil keeps your skin healthy, clean and clear. Made with a perfect blend of amazing ingredients including Prunus Dulcis Oil, Prunus Armeniaca Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Orange EO, Lemon EO, Lavender, peppermint EO; this is an oil that you need in your grooming kit. It has an aroma consisting of lemon, lavender, orange and pepper mint, giving it a minty-citrus note.

How to get it?

Currently available on well.pk, online shopping e-commerce store in Pakistan, with lowest prices and free delivery (terms & conditions apply).

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